Congratulations and Happy 4/20!  If you’ve made it to this page, that means you were one of 1,200 lucky patients who were able to snag a limited edition Riviera Creek  4/20 tin!  These tins are truly one of a kind and are so special to us.

Along with your holiday tin is a 14.15g bag of our highest testing Stambaugh Garlic Cookies flower of 2022.  This product is so special because of both the quantity and high-end quality you are receiving.  Also inside of your tin is a postcard with a photo and brief description of Lanterman’s Mill and why we chose this specific historical landmark that is so special to the city of Youngstown and those in the area.

The tin itself was designed by a hand-picked, professional artist.  Lanterman’s Mill was picked because of its significance to the Youngstown area, which is where Riviera Creek is rooted.  Lanterman’s Mill was built in 1846 in Youngstown’s mill creek park. It has since become one of the area’s most historic landmarks and museums. We at Riviera Creek are proud of our local heritage and appreciate the natural beauty of the land and community that we live in.