Thank you for your purchase of Riviera Creek solventless hash rosin!

This product is made with no chemicals or solvents and there are zero pesticides in its Riviera Creek sourced material.

Your solventless hash rosin may look richer in color and that is normal.  Riviera Creek’s solventless hash rosin is not live rosin and is made entirely from Riviera Creek flower material.  This causes the appearance of the rosin to be darker in color than live rosin.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Riviera Creek directly via our Contact Us page.

Riviera Creek Solventless Hash Rosin

Solventless hash rosin radiates a darker, richer, more natural tone than live rosin. We perform a separation technique that extracts the trichome heads and we use heat and pressure to press them into solventless hash rosin.

Live Rosin

Live rosin is extracted from wet plant, fresh frozen material.  The difference in the terpenes affects the color and gives live rosin a lighter, more yellow hue .